Energy Full Art.

Every piece of wood contains the energy of the entire tree and its essence.
The attributes of its species, its connection between earth and sky, its living environment 
and natural habitat is available in every cell of the wood.

 Based on this information and guided by my intuition, a vivid and impressive work of art is created. These artworks bear the ability to move the human spirit on a much deeper level of existence. Through their unique design and their reverberation they emit a viberating presence that affects people and the space around them in a very special way.

Creative Impulse. Extraordinary Art Work.

Out of spontaneous ideas and inspiration, wonderful works of art come into existence.
My hands and my spirit work in conjunction with each other and my intuition guides them to the completion of the artwork. The comprehension of the creation often occurs in retrospect, when its impression and essence, its energy and purpose manifests. The work of Art invites you to engage in the details, to focus your mind and your emotions and to discover the message it is holding within.

Personal Quality. Individual Piece Of Art.

An individual piece of art is a commissioned work, specially made for a person, a room or a desired purpose. The process begins with my personal impression of your wish and the current situation. Through my inner direction towards that, the fitting type of wood is selected. The optimal shape and structure evolves intuitively, which gives the artwork its meaning and uniqueness.


Martin Schwarzinger, born 1983

From my childhood on I have had a deep connection to nature.
 With a forestry education, this gave me a special knowledge and understanding about trees, nature and preservation and how it is all connected. This knowledge I later joined with my interest in sacred geometry and the study of old knowledge, mathematics and heightened awareness. Years of handcraftmanship connected with my love for working with solid wood finally led to the creative realisation of Intuitive Wood Art. The completion of such an artwork, always fills me with a wonderful feeling of pleasure and thankfulness through the humble feeling the artpiece leaves me with.

Portrait Martin Schwarzinger