Intuitive Wood Art – Now available.

The following pieces are currently available for aquisition.
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Intuitive Sculptures.

Extraordinary sculptures and pieces with a sculpture-like character.

Intuitive Wood Art with a furniture character.

Radiant Expression combined with function in every day life.

Individual Wood Symbols.

These unique works of art are specially made for a person. Intuitively the optimal wood is selected, designed and shaped in attunement with the persons essence. A personal symbol is a focus point and a reminder to the inner potential. For the best benefit, it is placed where its presence is perceived on a daily basis.

Minimum size: appr. 40 x 40 cm

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Supportive Energy Art.

Intuitive Wood Art generally stands out for its perceptable effect on the environment. The potential of the pieces in this category arrives at levels beyond the senses. Through a conscious attunement and a meditative view upon them, new possibilities for a deeper awareness can unfold.

The personal Power and Energy Star

The Energy Star is an extraordinary tool for use in meditation, transformation and consciousness work. In addition, it can be used to support both therapeutic and energy work. Due to the special geometry and shape, it creates an extremely effective energy field, which is finetuned by the chosen wood type and the unique surface structure specifically to the user and the desired application. Each Energy Star is thus an intuitive and individually created unique original.

Size: Diameter: appr. 100 cm, Height: appr. 25 cm

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Intuitive Wood Art. Energy Full.