A throne of alder

Comissioned work of art

Type of wood: Alder
Surface: oiled

I was commissioned to create a work of art that should be optimally ergonomic as well as energetically suited to a young person. Balck alder has proved to be the ideal wood species for this purpose. Its flow of life supporting characteristics and the female energy of the tree help to concentrate on ones own strength while “unpleasant” life events are allowed to flow by. With a lot of feeling, I have selected the appropriate wood. The artistic design was carried out through the inner focus on the persons needs and through the implementation of the resulting creative impulses. To combine the optimal support of the “emotional” with the physical, the seat can be adjusted in height. In order to allow a comfortable, longer sitting, an upholstery of original “Waldviertler” sheep’s wool and natural linen has been designed.

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