Holzkunstwerk - Konstellationen


Type of wood: flattery elm
Surface: waxed
Size: appr. 50 x 100 cm


The gathering of the stars. As above, so below.

Much remains hidden from our eyes and yet it is present.
Some things we do not recognise and some we consider to be coincidence.

The three pyramids, embedded in this wonderful work of elm wood in a unique and gentle way, are the visible part of a far-reaching system full of precession and purpose. They are the mirror and connection between the Earth and the Universe, between the Giza Plateau and the Belt of Orion. The positions did not come about by chance. Deliberately chosen, from a realm of connectivity and geometry, they invite us to take a look behind the curtain.

It is our decision how we see the world and if we want to immerse ourselves in it wholeheartedly.

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